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The ultimate resource on hairstyles, hair colors and hair trends to suit every type of hair, preference and age. The latest hair inspiration for all occasions.

About Us

Hello and welcome to We aim to be your ultimate go-to resource for hair inspiration, for everything from styles, colors, cuts, do’s, minor trimmings, and complete hair turn-arounds. We think hair is one of the ultimate sources of sheer fun and it can lend itself to an almost infinite variety of spectacular transformations. The best thing about hair is that it’s also a completely renewable decoration, and we can experiment with it freely and as often as we’d like. A complete change of look once every couple of months? Sure, why not? We also have the hair care info and advice to help you cope with intense changes.

Our team consists of four hairstyle enthusiasts and aficionados who will update you on the latest trends and the awesome ways to style them, as often as time allows us. We are the kind of people who could talk about hair tweaks and #hairspiration for hours (although, usually, our friends interrupt us before we get to turn the whole conversation into a speech, luckily for them). Here’s the scoop on each of us.

Whenever you’re trying to find out more about a particular hairstyle and how you can adapt it to your own hair, or when you want to estimate how difficult to achieve and maintain a particular look could be, stop by and we will be happy to help you find out everything you need. We can even cover on demand some of the following topics, as well as other issues you may be curious about:

  • Lists of variations and ideas for a particular hair trend or hairstyle;
  • Info about how to obtain a particular hair color & cut (and all you should know before you begin the transformation);
  • Lists of variations and ideas for various braids and hair updos, from simple to more elaborate;
  • More info about hair care (and some hair care brand reviews, occasionally);
  • Hair inspiration (#hairspiration) and ‘Look of the Week’ posts, detailed hair tutorials, and so on.

If our hairstyle guides don’t cover everything you wanted to know on the topic or you have a specific question you’d like answered, or simply need some advice for your style, you can also directly contact us anytime. Just drop us a line at  You can also mention in the subject line if the message is addressed to one of the team members in particular. We’d be very happy to hear from you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to read our About page and enjoy everything this portal hopes to offer!

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